The Dr Hangover

Nature's Shield

Hi, my name is Dr Hangover, and I will be coming to the party with you tonight. I hear there’s going to be a huge crowd, and my favorite DJ is spinning. The best part is I am here to provide steady alcohol metabolism, and assist your liver throughout your drinking escapade. It would be best if you consumed a can of me before, during and/or after drinking. While I encourage fun, I would like to let you know I care about your health – so please don’t think that you can slam back more shots just because I am with you! It’s not cool to be a write-off, so let the next day be the best day, trust me – you’ll thank me in the morning!

How it works

Dr Hangover is formulated with nucleophiles, sticky molecules that trap toxins and assist in their removal. Dr Hangover also contains a potent precursor that replenishes glutathione levels. Glutathione aids in the protection of liver cells and plays a crucial role in detoxification. Dr Hangover provides a proprietary blend of antioxidants and cofactors that help to reduce the formation of acetaldehyde, which plays a key role in hangover symptoms.


  • Supplies the body with cofactors that support alcohol metabolism
  • Replenishes glutathione levels, the master cell protector and detoxifier
  • Restores levels of antioxidants to provide recovery from hangovers

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