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Have you or a colleague ever shared a brilliant idea and thought “this idea could change the world, revolutionize the way people think, act or live”? Some of the most inspiring ideas have been born from the most unlikely circumstances, much of it to do with being in the right place, with the right people, at the right time. And in all honesty, a bit of sheer luck goes a long way too. Our ability to create on this earth is filled with infinite possibilities where one single thought could perpetuate a revolutionary change. The sad truth is that most ideas remain only that – an insubstantial moment of fleeting words, a dream shelved in a forgotten region of our labyrinthine minds. But there are those of us who are illustrious, headstrong and passionate, who chase that dream and leap massive hurdles in the process.  And with this comes the greatest hurdle of all for start-ups – how do we get our idea off the ground? Although dreaming is free, how do we fund a dream to make it into reality?


This is where Kickstarter comes in.



Kickstarter is a funding platform to support creative ventures, where a large group of awesome people (like yourself) rally together to bring an original and brilliant idea to life. The projects on Kickstarter are independent – which means the project creators have complete control over where the funding goes, and what direction the project takes. If people believe in the project, they can pledge money to help make it happen. If the project succeeds in reaching its funding goal, the money is collected from the supporters, who in return receive a small reward (and large amount of gratitude!). If the project falls short of the pledge goal, no one is charged – it’s all or nothing.


Backing our project is about more than just the finances, it’s about connecting with a community that shares a passion for our dream of bringing an innovative, authentic and healthy product line to the world. If we reach our pledge goal, not only can we test the waters with our first production round, but we open doors for countless opportunities – collaborations, employment and just getting the word out there. And if we absolutely eclipse our pledge goal, we’ve got a whole range of products patiently waiting in the pipeline.

We are no different than any other person in that we dream too. But rather than dreaming in reality, we want to make our dream a reality. So we’re taking a leap of faith over the precipice of fate, and we’re inviting you to join us. We’ve spent four years formulating our products, countless hours in design and development, and scores of sleepless nights to realize our dream. We’re confident that our Kickstarter video and rewards will show you the quality, attention to detail and sheer awesomeness we are capable of. We hope you will take the time to appreciate our efforts and help us build this dream so together we can create a revolution.


until launch on


Go on, check us out. We dare you to dream.

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