Discovering and developing our formulas

We believe our formulations and products cultivate innovation and quality, and you should be entitled to understanding how and where our products are developed and manufactured. Our company, Thirsty World, represents a deep promise from our team that we will quench the thirst of our customers with authentic, natural products that they deserve. We begin with an introduction into the steps and the length we go to in bringing a new innovative and healthy exciting product line to your front door. There are many ways in which medicines or alternative therapies are ‘discovered’ i.e. ways in which the potential therapeutic uses of a substance are determined. The experimental consumption of plant, animal and mineral products for nutritional and medicinal value has been innate in human nature for thousands of years. These natural products have been used as crude extracts (such as raw opium or herbal teas) or purified and/or synthesized and then formulated as pharmaceutical preparations. This route to new medicines is sometimes called the “reefs and rainforests” approach, as it is recognized that there are millions of natural chemicals out there needing to be identified and tested before exploitation and despoliation of the world’s resources permanently terminate our chances of finding novel anticancer or antibiotic agents.

Selecting our ingredients

The cornerstone behind understanding how a chemical works in the body is best described by a lock and key model. The lock is represented by the body’s receptors, enzymes, ion channels and transporters, which may be switched on (agonized) or off (antagonized). As each receptor has a unique shape, the molecule (key) must be specific enough to fit the lock. While many keys may fit the lock, some may fit better than others, thereby being more effective. This is the definition of a structure-activity relationship, whereby the chemical structure of a molecule determines its biological activity. By identifying and understanding structure-activity relationships, we can define the shape of a molecule required to achieve a desired effect and modify the chemical structure to alter the potency/effect. Identifying the structure activity relationships of these chemicals enables regulation of target receptors to exhibit a desired effect such as pain relief or inflammation reduction.

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