The functional beverage advantage

Like Paracelsus, we value the premise of treating the cause rather than just the symptoms. We take great pride in the vast amount of meticulous research we have undertaken to ensure our formulations are carefully tailored to maximize efficacy. To do this, we have stripped many of our ingredients to their bare constituents, providing the building blocks that enable your body to build its defenses and recover from any challenge. While there is a push in competing products to contain the end product that your body uses for these purposes, they are often broken down or poorly absorbed during digestion. Our difference is we provide naturally derived building blocks that are stable until they reach the part of your body where they are actually needed.

Quality control

The nutraceutical value of a plant (contents and composition of active constituents) can vary depending on season, climate, temperature, humidity, soil and various other factors. This is where the term “good manufacturing practice” moves to the forefront, as the collection, identification and isolation of novel or plant constituents must undergo rigorous laboratory testing protocol to ensure they are of uniform quality and quantity. Consistent adherence to strict quality control protocol throughout the manufacturing process ensures that our products meet their established standards for purity, efficacy and safety. All of our raw materials are sourced from the mountains of Switzerland, where the plants are grown from ‘seed to tree’ and are subject to high altitudes of fresh, clean air, mountain spring water and receive an all-round organic upbringing. Our company honors good manufacturing practices to ensure our active ingredients are not subjected to toxic landfill run offs, chemicals (such as pesticides) or various other environmental hazards. Our quality control laboratory conducts stringent tests on our raw materials, in-process products and finished goods for potency, consistency, stability, and microbial contamination. Our quality control team guarantees that our products are made to the highest international quality standards to deliver a healthy and exciting alternative. Our ingredients undergo advanced analytical techniques paramount in nutraceutical research. This provides an abundance of information, including: identification of nutraceuticals, characterization of their chemical structure, shape and bioactivity, quality assessment, purity and dosage formulations. The use of advanced analytical techniques such as high pressure liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, and many other sophisticated tests are used to identify the chemical structure and purity of various molecules. This process aids to confirm the natural product composition from batch to batch, assuring the safety and quality of the final product.

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