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Seeing change in a sea change

The Dr story begins with the transpacific migration of a fledgling chemist, Greg, from the maple forests of Canada to a dimly lit garage in a rented shack on the sandy shores of the Australian Gold Coast. It was 2009, and there was something inspiring about that atmosphere – inhaling the sea breeze, the good music, the great mates, the fantastic beer… the terrible hangovers.

Disenchanted with the grey clouds on the day after, he started experimenting with substances (legal ones, of course!). What else would a chemistry student do? He was over the hangovers, and set out on a quest for the cure. Along the way, he gathered a small troupe of loyal followers… and we are collectively known as The Dream Team.

This is how our first brainchild, the Dr Hangover, was conceived, in an attempt to usurp the morning-after feeling of a big night out. Four years of tortuous, painstaking research ensued. And by painstaking, we mean literally – there was nothing glamorous about the preliminary days when our concoctions were less than perfect, and we were the guinea pigs enduring the aftermath. And with our minds cloyed by half-cured hangovers, there was nothing more mentally frustrating than trying to formulate a flawless blend. But we nurtured our beverage baby, pouring in time, dedication and only the best natural ingredients.

We were students back then, and as we grew older, wiser and more health conscious, this reflected in our work. Life wasn’t just about the big nights out and hangovers. And as we searched for the perfect balance between study, socializing, sport and research, our idea gathered momentum, and flourished from a single beverage to a series of drinks, each focusing on a function, feeling, place and time.

The Dr had arrived.

Where we are now

(And where we’re heading)

Now fully-fledged (we have university degrees and sh*t!), we have graduated from home-brewed concoctions to scientifically proven formulas. We have expanded from a garage to a laboratory, but we still cultivate the values ingrained in us by our health science schooling: evidence-based formulas containing natural ingredients. Creating the perfect blend is the means to an end…

So for whatever reason you want to clear your mind and cleanse your body, we will find a formula to fit your function and to help you through the most gruelling of times. But remember: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction – so we need your help too! Donate [link: Kickstarter] an inch and we’ll stretch it to a mile, send us your goodwill by telling your family, friends and frenemies. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr – you know what to do!

Help us get out there so we can get The Dr here.


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